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Littleheath Woods

Description:-   Littleheath Woods consist of 25 hectares of amenity woodland owned by Croydon Council. It is an Area of Special Character, a Grade 1 site of Borough Interest, Ancient Semi Natural Woodland situated in a Green Belt Area.


Littleheath Woods are made up of four woods – Gee Wood in the south West, Foxearth Wood and Queenhill Shaw in the East and Littleheath Wood in the North West. There are two fields – Fallen Oak Field (3.5 hectares) in the North and Clears’s Croft (0.8 hectares) in the West.


Littleheath Woods lie two miles south east of the centre of Croydon. Two long distance footpaths, the Vanguard Way and the London Loop cross the woods.


The woods are managed by The Friends of Littleheath Woods, a volunteer group, set up in 1995 due to concern about the poor state of the woods following the 1987 storms.

Access:-          From Littleheath Road, Foxearth Road, Croham Valley Road, Ingham Road and Edgecombe.

Contacts:-       Croydon Council website


                       Friends of Littleheath Woods, 53 Queenhill Road, Selsdon, CR2 8DW.


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