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To assist and inspire people to go and explore nature in the borough, a borough information leaflet has been produced showing those open spaces which give Croydon that green feeling. In addition to the A2 size map, the leaflet provides information about what to see when visiting the green places, why they are important for nature conservation and where to find more information about guided walks, events, nature trails and volunteering. The free leaflet, updated in 2020 and supported through a £6,000 grant from the Big Lottery Fund, is available from Croydon central and local libraries, or contact the Community Partnership Officer at Croydon Council by e-mailing or calling 020 8726 6900.


                          Click leaflet below for more information.                               Click map below to use the interactive map.

Green Croydon For All photos

About ACCS

Want to know more about wildlife and nature conservation in Croydon?
Where to go? What to see?
Want to join a local group and get involved in a nature reserve or park near you?
Then this is the site for you!


ACCS is an umbrella group for organisations concerned with nature conservation in Croydon. Formed over 30 years ago it represents the interests of our member groups on nature conservation, wildlife habitats and open space issues. We provide a forum within which our groups can share matters of concern or obtain advice and assistance. We monitor, examine and comment upon town planning policies and proposals as well as planning applications that affect open space or nature conservation. The expertise and knowledge of our members provides a vital pool of information that can be used to obtain a picture of what is or what might be happening within Croydon to sites of interest to us.


GROUP MEMBERS - Our member organisations hope that this website will help you to appreciate Croydon’s Countryside and the nature conservation work that is carried out by volunteers in Croydon’s Green Open Spaces. It may also encourage you to join in – either by joining a guided walk or becoming a volunteer. There may well be a site near you that would welcome your help. Nature conservation work is a good way of enjoying the open air and the world around you by keeping fit and meeting new people or even helping with surveys, computers or paperwork.


Some of our groups work in partnership with Croydon Council and receive support from the Community Partnership Officer. Others work independently or in association with other organisations such as the City of London or the Surrey and London Wildlife Trusts. ACCS brings all these groups together to discuss areas of common interest. Over the years ACCS members have been involved in the Nature Conservation Consultative Panel, the Unitary Development Plan, the Croydon Parks, Woodlands and Green Spaces Forum Forum, and more recently the Core Strategy, the Croydon Biodiversity Action Plan, and the Green Grid. It has also carried out surveys such as the Garden Wildlife Survey and mapping heather areas in Croydon. Go to our Resources page for more information and data relating to the London Borough of Croydon.

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